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Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-Level- Matric Senior Certificate

We have home schooling, part time and Full time students

It is recommended that students entering the O-Level subjects or at least Grade 9. Students will only be allowed to enter A-Level classes if they have passed O-Levels. The certificates for the GCE O & A Levels will be issued by Cambridge and will reflect the subjects passed with the relevant symbols for each subjects.
The Cambridge Certificate for a matriculation exemption requires The student to have passed at Least three O-Level subjects with an A, B or C symbol As well as two A-Level subjects for Human and Social Sciences Or three A-Level subjects for any business or scientific field of study A level Maths is a requirement for this.

The following subjects will take two years to complete on A Level: Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology Cambridge offers one of the world’s most extensive and internationally recognized qualifications portfolios. A Cambridge certificate in A & O levels is a passport to any local and especially, overseas university.

Admission Criteria

Your application will be accepted if the following criteria are met.Completed form Two certifies copies of your ID or Passport or Birth Certificate Enrolment fee of R350.00 An Initial deposit as specified for the study Examination Fee R1200.00 per subject for Cambridge Exams
NB: Prospective students will not be issued the admission letter or enrolment Certificate, until all the documents and entry pre requisites has been received