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Matric Rewrite Old Syllabus

At the end of 2007, the senior Certificate qualification was discontinued and the National Senior Certificate (MCS) was introduced as the official school-leaving qualification in South Africa.

The NCS is not appropriate for adult learners, and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) has therefore extended the cut-off date for South Africans to complete their pre-2008 Senior Certificate until 2014.

They have also extended the opportunity to many who did not previously qualify to write the Senior Certificate examinations.

Taal-Net Group Of Schools is giving prospective students who have not completed their senior Certificate (Grade 12-old curriculum)

From 2008 to 2010, the DBE only admitted learners who had either passed Grade 11 or written at least one Senior Certificate examination before 2008.

As of June 2011, anyone who is 21 years or older, and can motivate to the DBE why he or she should be allowed to complete their Senior Certificate may be eligible!

You need to act now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. The offer is valid only if you wrote your Senior Certificate exams for the first time in May/June 2012. You will have years in which to pass all your exams and complete your Senior Certificate.

As of May/June 2014, the old syllabus has been replaced by NCS.

So who ever has 21 years and above without Matric will now qualifying to do matric with us.

If you want to Upgrade Your Marks In the Following Subjects !!!

Mathematics English
Geography Life Science
Physical Science History
Afrikaans isiZulu
Economics Computer Applications
Accounting Maths Literacy
Agricultural Science Business Studies

Our Fees Structure for Old Syllabus

CAMBRIDGE TBATBA : By British Council
MATRIC REWRITE 1 SUBJECT R 500.00R1 450.00R 550.00
MATRIC REWRITE 2 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 450.00R 1000.00
MATRIC REWRITE 3 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 850.00R1 200.00
MATRIC REWRITE 4 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 850.00R1 400.00
MATRIC REWRITE 5 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 850.00R1 650.00
MATRIC REWRITE 6 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 850.00R1 800.00
MATRIC REWRITE 7 SUBJECTSR 500.00R1 950.00R1 900.00
CAMBRIDGE IGCSER 500.00 -R 250.00
CAMBRIDGE ASR 500.00- R1 840.00
CAMBRIDGE A LEVELR 500.00- R1 840.00

One Stop Matric Solution Centre

  • Is the absence of a Matric Certificate holding you back at work?
  • Are you working but you want Matric certificate?
  • Are you over aged but still want Matric certificate?
  • Are your employees desperate for Matric certificate?
  • Do you have low marks on your Matric and you want to upgrade?
  • You want Matric certificate but you do not have Time to attend formal classes?
  • Your child has been expelled from school but you want that child to have Matric?
  • Your subjects are incomplete and you want to add more subjects?